Friday 22 January 2010

Blue army!

The front line, J company

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Thursday 14 January 2010

Friday 8 January 2010

Old school

It just needed a poached egg

Tilly, ffs!

She makes going for a shit a hazardous experience.

Thursday 7 January 2010

For pity's sake

Just let them have drugs will you?

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Cat + snow = fascination

I'm just glad the windows are shut.

BMW queue


This is pathetic

People who just don't seem able to use second gear should be banned from the roads.

Saturday 2 January 2010


Transporter bridge through the snow

Prestwich M60


Salford this morning

Lush. Hope we get to Middlesbrough ok!

Friday 1 January 2010

Going home

Bring out the funny old pictures mum

Happy New Year

Only my mum would wash up polystyrene plates. Bet she did it at 2am as well. Happy New Year everyone!